What We Do

Go-To-Market Integration.

The key to revenue traction and valuation growth.

Behind every revenue traction problem is a go-to-market problem.  And, behind every go-to-market problem is almost always a go-to-market integration problem.  Multiple businesses.  Complex product lines.  Different sales teams.  Varying skill sets.  Assorted marketing efforts.  If the growth problem could be solved with more products, people or leadership, it would have been solved long ago.

Integration means creating something bigger.  Something cohesive.  Something valuable.  An outside-in, customer-based view is the key to integration success.  See your business through your customers’ eyes.  Use words they understand.  Sell the bigger picture value that matters to them.  Make it easy to grasp how your entire business helps them.  The problems you solve.  What makes you different.  Why they should care.  If every leader, salesperson, recruiter, marketer, and employee knew this, the results would be powerful.  The revenue would flow and momentum would grow.

As a go-to-market advisory & integration specialist, we’re in the insight and substance business.  The kind that brings whole businesses together and gets revenue traction.  We specialize in go-to-market integration, helping companies combine acquisitions, roll-up product lines, and create the sales substance everyone can understand and use.  We train go-to-market teams to be more substance-focused.  To listen and ask questions.  To understand and contrast.  To speak business value. 

The result: bigger deals with end-customers, bigger growth in valuation, and bigger exits with future suitors.

The above just hints at what we do, and what makes us unique.  Experience it for yourself, and you’ll become a client for life.  Because we’ll make you wildly successful, every time you call on us.

Our Core Values

We’re driven by five qualities our clients count on – for decades.

  1. Discipline – We work with the highest level of diligence and professionalism.
  2. Candor – We challenge perspectives and offer solutions with honesty and sincerity.
  3. Respect – We conduct ourselves with humility and trustworthiness.
  4. Responsibility – We do whatever it takes to satisfy our commitments.
  5. Intelligence – We provide a depth of insight and caliber of thinking without rival.

How We Complement

Investment Banking

There are many resources to help with the transaction, buy-side or sell-side.  Investment bankers.  Attorneys.  Valuation consultants.  We help you with the most critical success factor in M&A: aligning, integrating and elevating the go-to-market execution of the combined business.  Particularly in bringing diverse sales teams together to help them sell more holistically, engage more strategically and cross-sell more productively.

Leadership teams

We sometimes hear, “That’s what they hired me to do.”  We don’t compete with leadership teams.  We help you become more effective, give you more bandwidth, uncover new insight, facilitate agreement, and be more be objective.  We elevate the skillsets of your teams and people and do it company-wide.  Our best clients use us as a strategic weapon.

Consulting firms

Many consulting firms are expensive and they often never leave.  They produce hundreds of PowerPoint slides.  Our best work fits on one.  Clarity is something everyone can benefit from, and it’s something that can be used literally.  You can stand up and say it to customers.  Many of our clients have invested in consulting efforts — or two, three, four or more.  It gives us more to work with and we can make that investment pay off.

Sales training firms

There are no shortage of firms to help your teams with the process of sales or techniques in sales.  They seem less focused on the substance of sales: teaching sales teams how to have conversations, to understand what customers think, how they see things, how to spend less time selling and more time listening. Then, helping everyone consistently communicate what you do and the unique value you bring to customers. 

Research companies

Research companies conduct research.  They often have not led businesses.  We conduct executive-to-executive research with customers — existing and potential.  We have unguarded conversations to explore what they think, believe, and want.  Your company and your teams can use your customer’s own perceptions and words to win more customers.   The discussions we have are often so engaging we leave a trail of prospective customers who want to know more about you and your company.


Agencies are great at being creative.  They spend less time being substantive.  Customers will choose clarity over creativity every time.  Because that’s what they want: clarity, value, understanding, impacts, and assurances.  Without this, you become part of the market and competitive noise, and burn a lot of money on things that aren’t really used.  But, great substance with great creativity is truly powerful.  We’ve worked with dozens of agencies and can help them be all the more creative and effective.

PR Firms

PR firms are great at getting coverage and at influencing influencers, but they need the right substance to get the coverage and woo the influencers.  We work with many PR firms.  They always say, “Wow, I wish every one of our clients had this kind of work to begin with.  We could so much more effective.”  We know a few PR firms that we can highly recommend when the time is right.