Become a Client for Life

We build client-for-life relationships with business leaders and investors. They count on us to help them knock it out of the park -- every time. They get promoted. And, they exit big. Our best clients have tapped us for over 20 years and in 5 different companies. Take a look at some of their careers:

Steve Adams is a 3-time client.  As the CEO of Sabrix, our work for Steve is one of our favorite go-to-market success stories. We helped Steve define, attack and build a new market, tripling the valuation of Sabrix, and attracting a Thomson Reuters acquisition for 5X revenue.

Carine Clark is a 5-time client whom we’ve helped achieve two exits totaling $930 Million.  We also helped her integrate and align the go-to-market execution for $14B in acquisitions.

Kevin Corcoran is a 4-time client whom we served most during his leadership time at Amdocs. We also introduced Kevin to Dave Shirk, another Tallman Insights client for life, and Kevin came to work for Dave at Kony.

Kathryn Engelhardt-Cronk is a 2-time client of Tallman Insights. We helped her quadruple the valuation of CTK, the company she founded, led as CEO, then successfully exited.  She has since founded and is the CEO of MissionBox, an online community that will change the world of nonprofits.

Steve Cumings is a 2-time client whom we met and served during his time as a director at HP. He took a leadership position with Samsung, and he hired us to help them with a high-profile initiative.

Kristie Jones is a 2-time client whom we first served at Liquid Engines. They were purchased by Thomson Reuters.  We then went on to serve her during her role as VP of Marketing at EIS Group, a Fintech company serving the insurance industry.

Steve Morton is a 3-time client whom we met through Carine Clark during her time at Altiris – a company that was acquired by Symantec for $830M.  He now serves on the leadership team at Ivanti, formerly LANDesk.

Seth Nesbitt is a 3-time client whom we served at Amdocs, Parallels and Ecova. We helped Ecova integrate and align the go-to-market execution for 7 acquisitions, increase valuation by $145M and exit for $335M.

Sheryl Pattek is a 4-time client, and an even bigger advocate of Tallman Insights. She’s recommended more clients to us than we can count. Sheryl’s currently the CMO Executive partner at the prestigious Forrester Research.

Mark Scholz is a 3-time client, and currently leads the marketing organization for LSO – a unique regional logistics company based in Austin, Texas.

Dave Shirk is a 4-time client whom we first met at Novell. He later became president of Kony, the leader in enterprise mobile application development, and was promoted shortly after working with us.

Steve Soukup is a 2-time client whom we first met at Q2, an online and mobile banking leader.  He is now the Chief Revenue Officer at DefenseStorm, a cybersecurity and cybercompliance company uniquely specializing in banking.  Steve had been with DefenseStorm only two weeks when he hired us to help take his sales team to a new level.  The leadership team loved it too.

Steve Vobbe is a 2-time client whom we served at GlowPoint, and at Tandberg. There we helped Steve grow Unified Communications revenue from $4M a quarter to $40M a quarter, within two quarters.