Recent Impacts

Enter high. Sell high. Close high.

Through thousands of interviews with our client’s prospects and customer executives, we’ve developed a bridge model that helps sales teams understand customers and sell more strategically.

Recently, we’ve built bridge models for:

  • S3 Ventures
  • Apiture
  • Clear Measure

Our Bridge model was featured by The C12 Group and shared with 2,400 CEOs and business owners.

Intricately on-message creative

Over the years, our clients have shared horrible experiences they’ve had with creative resources. We decided it’s time we bring our messaging work to life, in ways no one else can.

Check out the company video and story we developed for North Atlantic Industries.


We produced a company video that tells a sophisticated company story, in a powerfully simple way.

Connect messaging with true substance

Anyone can make up messages. But, anchoring a story to a portfolio gives sales teams the substance they need to truly sell.

For NAI, we named and developed COSA – a visual model to represent their whole portfolio. A short video brings it to life, and shows customers what’s different with NAI.


Check out the video above, or explore the online interactive model.

Recreate a "wow" experience, online

Prospects who visit NAI’s facilities have an “aha” moment when they see how NAI products fit together, and how advanced they are in design and geometries. We recreated that experience on the web using interactive 360 degree rotators. Give them a try.


Check out the product rotators above.

You can also see the full dev site here.

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