We specialize in consolidating, elevating and integrating the go-to-market execution of your business.  Done right, it leads to revenue traction that makes:

  • Acquisitions more valuable
  • Sales teams more effective and strategic
  • Revenue-building investments more productive

Unlike most consultancies, sales firms or agencies, we provide the exact words, triggers, hooks, values, and assurances that everyone can and will use – leadership teams, recruiters, salespeople, marketers and investors.

We know it’s done right because customers and prospects provide input, refinement and feedback – until it’s right and proven to work.

Our experience includes:

  • 20 M&A integrations: Specialize in multi-acquisition roll-ups
  • 61 client companies: Largest $164B, Smallest: Angel-funded
  • 411 engagements: Majority with high-complexity, high-value B2B offerings

Executive-to-Executive Research

We know of no other firms where former business executives conduct actual interviews with client customers and prospects.  Executive to executive.  We have entirely different business conversations vs. a delegated-to-junior-staff research effort.  And, we’ve conducted thousands of interviews like this.  Chief Security Officers, Division Presidents, Heads of Logistics, CEOs, Bank Presidents, Small Business Owners and more. 

We talk business. We uncover triggers.  We find true motives.  And, underlying perceptions (right, wrong or slightly twisted).  We uncover things they won’t tell you, but have no hestiation sharing hare with us.  Because we’re neutral.  And, we regularly leave a trail of interested customers and prospects along the way.

Unified Value and Messaging

Many believe the most critical part of combining businesses or growing a business is the strategy.  We disagree.  The most critical part in bringing one or more businesses together, or in empowering true business growth, is the story behind the strategy.  The problems you solve.  The value your bring.  Your vision for customers and where you’ll take them.  What makes your value possible.  Why they should believe you.  How easy it is for them to get there.

We’ve found that the right story, based on sound and unfiltered customer insight, drives and crystalizes strategy.  Not vice-versa.  It may seem counter-intuitive at first, but your story, your message and your value is the most concrete, practical and usable form of your strategy.  It’s something everyone can and should use.  It’s something everyone can and should understand. It’s the substance that brings a company together.  It’s the substance that yields true revenue traction.

Go-to-Market Team Training

Great insight and great substance is of little or no value if it is not widely understood and used.  By everyone.  Leadership teams.  Individual salespeople.  Product teams.  M&A teams.  Investor relation teams.  Creative resources.  Everyone.  We’ve found that what is particularly important is not just to understand strategy, and not just to understand content, but to understand context.

Why are you doing and saying something?  How do you frame the right conversations to have with customers and prospects?  What traps are you trying to avoid?  How can you make your competitive advantages clear, concrete, and indisputable.  So, competitors can say it all day long, and fall right into your lap.  Many firms do sales process training.  Our focus is sales substance training.  This is what sales teams need to be truly effective.